Nenan Dane ẕaa Deh Zona

Family Services Society
Traditional drumming and singing

Welcome to Nenan Dane zaa Deh Zona Family Services Society










We are currently offering a combination of in-person and virtual services to ensure that we are serving the community in a safe and effective manner.  If you are not feeling well or have any COVID-19 symptoms please phone instead of coming in.  Hand sanitizer and masks will be available at the entrance. Follow office flow arrows through hallway. Clients should not show up very early to appointments. We request that they come just before their appointment so we have minimal people in the waiting area.  If possible call when you are outside. There will be a brief survey before and after appointments.   We appreciate your patience as we aim to balance compliance with Provincial Regulations and to provide service in the communities. Any questions or concerns please call out main office line at: 250.787.2151.  
  • Are looking for tools and resources to strengthen your family
  • Need support for your family (or a family you know)
  • Have an open file with MCFD
  • Work for MCFD or a family services agency
  • Are not sure where to go

  • Provide a wide range of services and resources
  • Create child-centered aboriginal systems of support
  • Develop and support planning to prevent children from going into care
  • Protect children already in care by strengthening systems currently in place
  • Create and support cultural plans of care
  • Link supports to the distinct culture, traditional practices and language of families we work with